For Sale: Lotus 7 Clone (rotary powered)

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This car was built in the fall of 2002. The frame, fiberglass, and body panels were purchased from Champion Motor Cars

The frame is book spec with slight modifications to provide for mounting the engine and transmission. The frame has also been powder-coated battleship gray.

The engine is a 1987 13B Mazda Rotary. It is a Mazda Reman engine and currently has under 1000 miles on it. A recent dyno chart is available for you to look at. The dyno chart is power at the wheels, divide by 0.88 for a flywheel approximation (figuring 12% drivetrain loss).

The donor car was a 1984 Mazda Rx-7 (GSL-SE). This car uses the transmission, rear end (solid axle), front spindles, brakes, brake master cylinder, clutch master/slave cylinders, and fuel pump/filter from that donor car.

 This car will hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and will pull well over 1 G on a skidpad. I have not run it at a dragstrip, but 1/4 times are estimated to be in the very low 13's or high 12's at a little over 100 mph (these cars generate a lot of aerodynamic drag as the speeds increase).

I have autocrossed this car for two seasons (about 30 events) and it has been extremely reliable and a very good performer (many FTDs).

When I built the car, I went through all of the donor parts. All the bearings in the front spindles and in the rear end (differential and axles) are new, as well as all seals and gaskets. The brake calipers and master cylinders were rebuilt or purchased new.

Included below is a list of the major items of interest on the car:

I have windshield glass, frame, and brackets, but have not installed them. I also have chrome 7" headlights that have not been installed.

The car needs very little to be street legal. Basically, it needs lighting (headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and running lights).

You may notice that the rear fenders have been sandblasted by rocks thrown from the front tires (the Hoosier slicks I run are very sticky). I have two new rear fenders, as well as aluminum fender shields, that I will paint and install before selling the car. Also, the front springs have been replaced with longer units to give more suspension travel in the front.

Champion Motor Cars provided a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and a VIN number, so registration should not be a problem (as a 2002 CMC 7). Some people also use a title agency and register them as early (1950's or 60's) Lotus Sevens.

I have ALL of the receipts for everything on the car, as well as part numbers and sources.

I am also selling the custom trailer for the car. It has a 3500 pound axle, with electric brakes, a large aluminum storage box, and the entire bed tilts so that you can drive the car on/off without using ramps. It tows great (trailer is 800 pounds) and has great weight distribution. It can also be used to tow small cars (Miatas, Rx-7s, etc.).

Build pictures and other miscellaneous photos are available. Click HERE

Here are a couple of autocross videos: Video 1 Video 2

Here are a few high-res action shots: Action

$13,500.00 for the car and $1500 for the trailer.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at